What We Provide


We aggregate, verify, and organize all of the data in the industry in our own robust database.


We leverage machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and brilliant human analysts to generate the best insights.


Our creative professionals package everything in high-quality Newsletters, Videos, Podcasts, and more.

Our Clients


Family offices, venture capital firms, and hedge funds can track funding trends, generate custom alerts and reports, and access market maps and macro views of the blockchain ecosystem.


We aggregate and standardize all the information native to the blockchain industry to become the best resource for regulatory entities and those with compliance-related inquiries.


Power Traders

Our consolidated and contextualized data feeds give traders everything that they need to build successful models and frameworks.

Curious Investors

Investors seeking more knowledge and education before getting involved can access our whole library of videos, articles, and podcasts with participation with the top thought leaders in the space.

How It Works


Orcadex indexes massive amounts of information from all over the web and stores everything in a robust, smart database. Our web-crawlers collect information from media outlets, code repositories, government filings, transactional data from exchanges and blockchains, trade publications, and more.


This expansive database is supplemented by quality information from our private network. We use machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, data visualization, and world-class human analysts to process the data and generate the very best insights.


Developers and production teams use these data and insights to create research reports, videos, podcasts, and our industry-leading web-app business intelligence platform.

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